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The Ambrose Group is uniquely qualified to best serve your property tax needs as our consultants have over 30 years experience in real estate valuation of all property types. Utilizing our extensive database of comparable rents and sales, our staff has a greater selection of data to draw upon in order to persuasively lower assessed values. In a market where conditions are continually changing, the ability to accurately identify what impacts value is at the core of our success in lowering your tax liability.

Professional Services

Meeting your property tax needs include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Filing Protests
  • Comparable Sales Comparisons
  • Income & Expense Comparisons
  • Unequel Value Analysis
  • Present a Persuasive Case to the Appraisal District
  • Monitor Relevant Policy and Legislative Changes
  • Property Tax Budgeting and Forecasting Analysis
  • Rendition Filings & Protests
  • Arbitration & Litigation Support
  • Exemption Filings

Arbitration & Litigation

Appealing Your Property Taxes

It is a property owner's right to appeal the final assessed value determined by the Appraisal Review Board. By filing for arbitration or litigation, an owner stands a greater chance of reducing their tax liability in the appeal process due to the impartial decision provided by a third party mediator.

The Ambrose Group has the experience and expertise to effectively arbitrate or litigate your property, further reducing the assessed value. Our track record demonstrates an average of 18% reduction in arbitration cases and an average of 15% reduction in litigation cases.


"Achieving better results through our valuation expertise and comprehensive database."