Local municipalities, government agencies, and property owners rely on fair market value when undergoing eminent domain situations. The Ambrose Group is well-versed in providing an analysis of Before & After the Taking, as well as Expert Witness Testimony.


The Ambrose Group has been involved in a number of projects including acquisitions for road right-of-ways, pipelines, utility easements, airports, and substrata fee properties.

A partial list of recent projects include:

  • Interstate Highway 45 Expansion
  • Grand Parkway Expansion
  • U.S. Highway 290 Expansion
  • Metro Light-Rail Expansion
  • Hobby Airport Expansion
  • Interstate Highway 10 Expansion
  • State Highway 249 Expansion
  • George Bush Intercontinental Expansion

Right-of-Way Budgeting Service

The Ambrose Group's ROW Budgeting Service combines 30 years of real estate valuation expertise, with state of the art mapping software, in order to provide a more accurate and detailed cost-estimate for eminent domain projects. We understand the significance of our role in the development of business and communities and we know the consequences of misjudging. As such, we are committed to increasing technical proficiency and looking at options from every possible perspective an we do this in order to secure confidence in our services.

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"The Ambrose Group completely changed the way we are able to project ROW budget estimates. Their innovative approach enabled us to submit a more accurate and comprehensive budget estimate. Thanks to The Ambrose Group, we now have an integrated methodology that really works for eminent domain projects."

 - Texas Department of Transportation