Appraisal Services


Established in 1994 The Ambrose Group has assisted clients in making informed real estate decisions by providing market driven valuations. Our team of real estate professionals have obtained exclusive designations from the Appraisal Institute and produce appraisal reports of the highest standard. We have the technology and resources to keep our clients on schedule, while providing high-quality appraisals and reviews. With offices in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio we serve clients throughout Texas and the country.

Commercial Appraisals

We help lenders make informed decisions by conducting professional commercial appraisals which meet regulatory compliance guidelines. Our staff is educated on the latest market trends and information which include USPAP, FIRREA, ANSI, OTS, OCC, DODD-FRANK, Inter agency Appraisal, Evaluation Guidelines, and Federal and State Appraisal Independence Laws.

Real Estate Appraisal Experience

· Retail and Shopping Centers
· Medical and Office Buildings
· Subdivisions
· Hotels and Motels
· Apartments
· Duplex
· Manufactured Homes
· Industrial Warehouse
· Day Care Centers
· Manufacturing Facilities
· Mini-Storage Facilities
· Restaurants
· Service Stations
· Auto Service
· Vacant Land
· RV/Mobile Home Parks

Special Purpose Properties

· Schools
· Religious Facilities
· Airport Hangers
· Fitness Centers
· Cemeteries
· and more

Commercial Building

Eminent Domain

Right of Way
  • Interstate Highway 45 Expansion
  • Grand Parkway Expansion
  • U.S. Highway 290 Expansion
  • Metro Light-Rail Expansion

Local municipalities, government agencies, and property owners rely on fair market value when undergoing eminent domain situations. The Ambrose Group is well-versed in providing an analysis of Before and After the acquisition, as well as Expert Witness Testimony.

The Ambrose Group has been involved in a number of projects including acquisitions for road right-of-ways, pipelines, utility easements, airports, and substrata fee properties.


A partial list of recent projects include:

  • Hobby Airport Expansion
  • Interstate Highway 10 Expansion
  • State Highway 249 Expansion
  • George Bush Intercontinental Expansion

Right-of-Way Budgeting Service

The Ambrose Group's ROW Budgeting Service combines 30 years' of real estate valuation expertise, with state of the art mapping software, in order to provide a more accurate and detailed cost-estimate for eminent domain projects. We understand the significance of our role in the development of business and communities and we know the consequences of misjudging. As such, we are committed to increasing technical proficiency and looking at options from every possible perspective an we do this in order to secure confidence in our services.

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"The Ambrose Group completely changed the way we are able to project ROW budget estimates. Their innovative approach enabled us to submit a more accurate and comprehensive budget estimate. Thanks to The Ambrose Group, we now have an integrated methodology that really works for eminent domain projects."

-Texas Department of Transportation

Litigation Services

Our expert witness approach is to be an advocate for the analysis and opinion. As expert witnesses, our primary responsibility is to develop and support a credible opinion of value.

Litigation support typically involves divorce, condemnation, construction defects, or a seller not disclosing known defects prior to a sale. An appraisal report undergoes extreme scrutiny in a court's ruling. Whether original opinions, or rebuttals, litigation appraisals require knowledgeable, skilled, and credentialed appraisal specialists that are experienced in providing litigation appraisals, appraisal reviews, and expert witness testimony.

Experience with cases include:

  • Value loss for varying causes
  • Cases with retrospective value
  • Valuation for divorce, dissolution of the partnership, and taxation issues
  • Cases involving Estate disputes
  • Cases involving Bankruptcy




We have helped our clients achieve positive outcomes by:

  • Providing expert advice that helps resolve complex appraisals and valuation issues

  • Assisting in identifying the relative strengths and weaknesses of an appraisal or other information present by opposing parties

  • Performing additional research and analyses

  • Expert witness testimony at depositions and trial

  • Advising client counsel in the preparation of appraisal-related discovery, appraiser expert challenges, and appraisal and appraiser compliance with state and federal regulations of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices ( USPAP )

It is vitally important that an expert witness provides a well-written report, maintains an organized file, as well as meticulously studies all pertinent documents related to the case. With our expertise and proven track record, we are ready to take on any type of appraisal assignment.

Insurable Value Appraisal

Insurable Values

Do you have enough insurance to cover your losses?

In the event of a substantial loss, property owners can be faced with not enough coverage to replace their properties. Conversely, some property owners are potentially paying too high of a premium. Either scenario can be remedied with an Insurable Value Appraisal.


This type of appraisal can help by:

  • Make sure that your property is not under-insured

  • Potentially save money on your premiums by avoiding overstated values

  • Make sure your insurance company indemnifies or reimburses you properly for your property loss

  • The insurer gets confidence in the validity of the values of the assets to be insured, which can help the owner negotiate the best coverage

  • Determine your replacement cost values today

  • Allows you to request from your insurance company an additional value-added item - an agreed amount endorsement. This means they accept your value and cannot state that you don't qualify for the co-insurance clause

Appraisers use their expertise and knowledge to assess the insurable value accurately, providing insurance companies with the necessary information to establish appropriate coverage limits. Overall, an insurable value appraisal is a vital process that provides peace of mind to policyholders and accurate information to insurance companies.

Economic Studies

Our clients' decisions rely on the expertise of The Ambrose Group to assist them in meeting their financial goals. We provide various economic studies, which include: Feasibility Analysis, Highest & Best Use Studies, Investment Analysis, and Market Studies.

Appraisal Review Solutions

ARS is a full-service appraisal management company committed to providing a streamlined process to ensure of clients receive an appraisal and appraisal review performed by trained professionals.


The appraisal review department was established to offer outsourcing opportunities for quality appraisal reviews. We are committed to providing a process in which clients receive an appraised value determined by trained professionals who utilize independent judgment and expertise.


Our MAI credited reviewers will meet regulatory compliance guidelines and educating its staff, clients, and appraisers on the necessary updates to ensure compliant quality appraisals. 


The Ambrose Group is at the forefront of compliance issues regarding Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, DODD-FRANK, USPAP, FIRREA, OTS, OCC, and Federal and State Appraisal Independence Laws.


Our staff of appraisal reviewers have leading industry designations that include the MAI, SRA, and AI-GRS from the Appraisal Institute. In addition, our reviewers have worked at lending institutions and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Appraisal Review

Administrative | Appraisal Management Company

  • Manage appraisal vendor list

  • Oversee bidding process

  • Engage Appraisers

  • Perform quality reviews

  • Process payments to vendors

Full Service | Appraisal Management Company

  • Commercial & Residential Appraisal Reviews for Lenders, Right-of-Way Authorities, and Attorneys

  • High-Quality reviewers with MAI, SRA, and AI-GRS designations

  • Customized portal through RealWired | YouConnect

  • Multiple offices throughout Texas, with firsthand experience of current market trends

Residential Appraisals

Residential Home

The residential market is a fast-paced environment in which The Ambrose Group Excels. Not only does our firm have the resources to keep its clients on schedule but we also have a team of skilled real estate professionals that provide accurate analyses. Our clients have relied on us to support their financial decisions since 1994 and we have continually evolved to meet the every-changing demands of the residential industry.

Our Clients, Our Priority

The engagement of an assignment is a time sensitive issue and we have gained our clients trust by clearly communicating, on a daily basis, every step of the appraisal process.

Residential Services

  • Single Family (all approaches)

  • FHA Appraisals

  • Exterior Only

  • Condominiums and Townhomes

  • Manufactured Homes

  • Land (lots to acreage)

  • Sketch Only

  • Rural Properties

  • 2-4 Multi-Family

  • REO Properties

  • Desktop Review

  • Field Review

  • Retrospective Appraisals

  • Re-certification of Value

  • Final Inspection



Other Services

The Ambrose Group's Appraisal Department goes further

We have the expertise, let's use it. Our appraisal department is committed to meeting our clients needs in non-traditional ways.


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